Founder of WTE - Cochrane

“We are equal in our abilities and value; however, physical, economical, structural and legal inequalities make opportunity inequal. It is our obligation, by viewing all humanity as innately equal, to strive whole- heartedly to empower those who have been disempowered."

Emebet Education Program

The EEP is an education sponsorship program for children who have been orphaned or are in a very vulnerable position. It allows them to attend school, which is currently not an option.

HIV/AIDS Education Project

The main goal is to increase knowledge concerning the virus and foster a sense of community responsibility concerning the response.

Resource Sharing Program

WTE is creating new documents relating to HIV/AIDS continually. These are now being translated into twenty-eight languages for the purpose of sharing freely with organizations on a global scale.

Economic Empowerment: Women's Groups

In northern Uganda a group of 30 widows and single mothers make beaded necklaces, sold in Canada by a team of dedicated volunteers.

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Working to Empower seeks to empower sustainable community-based change through a variety of locally demanded processes. Focal to this work is the promotion of HIV/AIDS education via seminars and community-wide outreach sensitization work. We are a globally-focused non-governmental organization centering on HIV/AIDS programs on youth.